COVID-19 and your Home Inspection

Updated: May 5, 2020

Please note that during these times that I am still committed to working to meet the needs and timelines of my clients.  As I continue to perform home inspection and radon measurement services, rest assured that I am taking every precaution to stay safe by doing the following:   

  • Performing my services alone and/or making accommodations - During the current pandemic it is preferred that I perform the inspection alone however I understand that this leaves a large void in the service and understanding of the home you may be purchasing.  As a result, I will make accommodations for my clients who have a preference to meet.  We will do so near the end of the inspection so that we may go over those areas or issues that may exist with the home.  In doing so expect that we will take the appropriate precautions and expect that you do the same.  I'll schedule accordingly so that this can all be done in the time allotted.    

  • Wear a mask - if requested by the seller or upon parties that want to be present, I will wear a mask while performing my services and practice distancing of at least 6 feet.  

  • Self-Monitoring - I will monitor my health for fever or cough and avoid services in the event I have these symptoms.    

  • Wash hands multiple times during every inspection, especially after touching things like faucets and door handles.

  • Bring my own hand towels or paper towels for drying my hands. 

  • I will keep hand sanitizer nearby and use it as needed.

  • If available, I will use disinfectant wipes or the equivalent on faucets and door handles.

  • I will not shake hands or bump fists.

  • I will avoid touching my face.

  • I will continue to monitor for new information that comes out regarding Covid-19. 

I look forward to continuing to help any way that I can.

Want to know more or have your home professionally tested? Contact Square One Home Inspections of Mankato today.

David Dempster

Home Inspector, Mankato, MN


Radon Measurement Professional
License Number: RMEA-00326

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